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Our Story

Welcome to Harvey Hemp

2020 will be remembered as the year of a global pandemic, Covid-19. During lockdown and business disruption, best mates and business partners, Greg LeGuier and Mark Power evolved their plan to do something different. 

The World needs more healthy food, protein and omegas. So they set out to secure a strategically based rural property, 150 kilometers south of Perth in Harvey, Western Australia, and began a farming journey, focused on growing and processing low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Industrial Hemp seed for food and commercial products.

Hemp seeds and oil contain vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids and omega 3,6 & 9.

In less than six months, two businessman, along with local community support, transformed over 100 years of single use dairy pasture into first year scale Industrial Hemp crops, leveraging off the fertile Harvey loam over clay soils, purpose fit irrigation linked into the Harvey Water Scheme, and utilising a microbial mineral based fertiliser and farming system.

Harvey Hemp sees the potential for farmers growing hemp as a rotation crop in their farming system, improving soil quality and realising the summer crop on a commercial basis.

Greg and Mark, in launching Harvey Hemp, recognise:

Life is too short.

You need to build and live a dream.

In any start-up there is a relatively low knowledge base at the outset, you must seek wisdom, listen, learn and execute to underwrite success.

Investment is required in learning outcomes, techniques must be refined, and set backs or early challenges met not be feared. Sharing is important, but being commercial in your approach, builds a foundation for sustainability.

We look forward to the day when the Harvey Hemp brand grows from its humble beginnings as a local business and joins the ranks of other iconic Harvey brands, such as its near neighbours Harvey Beef and Harvey Fresh.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a Western Australian-based scalable and commercial cultivator, processor and distributor of low THC hemp seed for healthy food, wellness and commercial products called Harvey Hemp.


We will do this by:

Growing - on our own property(s) and through a network of south west farmers grow scale Industrial Hemp crops producing seed and biomass that can be sold at farm gate;

Processing - providing niche processing infrastructure to convert paddock seed into saleable product - cleaned/graded seed, de-hulled hemp seed hearts, oil, protein meal, and flour;


Selling - products into existing and emerging wholesale and retail markets directly and or through partners.

What is our USP?

Providence is important. There are hemp seed products that use nationally and internationally sourced seeds.

Harvey Hemp sells locally grown, processed and packaged hemp seed products.

Meet The Team

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